Basanti Hospital - Eye & Renal Care Centre

To serve better, we do rely on generous contributions


Sponsor a Eye Camp

Our Trust is approved under Section 35AC of the Income Tax Rules of India - this means ALL donations received are 100% exempted from Income Tax 

All contributions will be provided with donation receipts/certificates from our hospital which are fully exempted under section 80G of Income Tax Act 1961.  


Sponsor a Dialysis

INR 1000 to 10,000 for upto 10 dailysis in a day 

INR 25,000 for a week 

Machine Donations

We will publish an advertisement in leading HIndi, English newspaper for your generous contribution to recognise the good spirit of work 


Corporate CSR Event

We understake corporate tours and CSR events for leading companies and perform various felicitation ceremonies to recognise your company's contribution along with key management members 

we have conducted several seminars, panel discussions, key lectures along with prominent personalities in past to generate awareness towards Renal Diseases