Basanti Hospital - Eye & Renal Care Centre

Other Facilities


In-House Patient Department

Visiting Consultant doctors with fixed OPD Hours ensure that the poor patients are provided with quality treatment and in-house care in case needed for small surgeries, 24-hour supervision, general sickness treatments.

The Hospital has a separate 2 bedded ICU and a separate Operation Theatre for general treatments. The Hospital also holds 6 private rooms with latest infrastructural requirements namely AC, TV, attached bathroom, Water Filter etc.


In House Pathlab & Diagnostics

Patients on dialysis need constant monitoring and hence we have in house basic X-ray and renal diagnostic lab for monitoring Urinalysis, Serum creatinine test, BUN and various other blood test

The Dialysis Centre, ensures this aspect is taken care by a Nutritionist who guides the patient and his/her family and ensures constant record and review of the same.



Basanti hospital also has an established medical counter which provides general, Ophthalmology and Kidney related medicines at a very reasonable rate. These medicines are directly procured from experts and care is taken in quality, expiry and recommended medicines. 

The hospital is associated with a drug bank which provides its members with routine and regular prescriptions at a very reasonable rate.


In House Optical Shop

The hospital has in-house spectacle frames with lens and contact lens at very affordable prices. The shop has stock of various types of Rimless, Semi Rimless and Low Bridge frames.

In order to have the prices competitive and of good quality the hospital is self sufficient by having its own lens cutting tools and technicians for the optical shop